M4L device

4 ratings is a M4L MIDI device that can analyse .mid or .midi files and generate a new arrangement - with newly generated note length, selection and velocity for every note.

How to use:


1. Place "intentIO.amxd" on a new MIDI track

2. Use the "Open" button, or drag n' drop a .mid or .midi file into the dedicated area

3. Hit the "Analyse" button*

4. Please wait patiently, it might take up to a minute (depending on the length and complexity of the input file) to read the file

5. Hit the "Play" button**

*You can enable Auto-Analyse, which will immediately initiate analysis after loading the file

**You can link the playback to the Global Transport in Live


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I want this!

An AI-based MIDI generator M4L device

reinterpret MIDI files
load .mid and .midi
let the AI come up with something new
rearrange, resize, retrigger notes
completely random every time
hit Analyse again to generate new composition
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4 ratings
I want this!