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anagram is a Max 4 Live MIDI effect that shuffles notes in a MIDI clip.
Aimed specifically at using it with Live’s Slice to MIDI feature, this user-requested device analyses and scrambles MIDI note pitch, velocity, position, length, mute and chance depending on the set mode.

2 Modes

Selected notes only
  • Select notes in a MIDI clip, then select the clip with cursor
  • Click on Get notes once
  • Click on Shuffle as many times as you like

Only the notes you had highlighted will be affected by shuffling.

All notes in clip
  • Select any MIDI clip with cursor, don’t bother highlighting all notes
  • Click on Get notes once
  • Click on Shuffle as many times as you like

Every note in MIDI clip will get shuffled regardless of selection.

Main features:

  • Shuffles MIDI note parameters
    • Pitch
    • Position
    • Length
    • Velocity
    • Mute
    • Chance*
  • Live 10 & Live 11 compatibility
  • Mappable Shuffle button
  • Built-in updater**

Chance is only available in Live 11

*Shift + click on the NP logo to look for updates.
If the device local version number doesn’t match the server version number, the device will prompt an update.
Internet connection is required

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A Max4Live MIDI effect to shuffle notes in a clip

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