Tank Drum Machine Ableton Live Pack

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version: 1.0.0

Release date: 2020.08.09.

Device format: Ableton Live Pack

Release name and format: “TankDrumMachine.alp”

Number of files: 1


A steel tongue drum or tank drum is a round steel slit/tongue drum originally made from an empty propane cylinder. The instrument is played with the fingers or with mallets.

I have recorded such an instrument and created a playable sampler instrument out of it in a format of Ableton Live's Drum Rack.

The samples are legally royalty-free as I have recorded the physical instrument myself.

Adjustable parameters:

Fade in - Control sample fade in time

Fade out - Control sample fade out time

Spread - Stereo spread

Pan - Panorama (L-R)

Filter Freq - LP Filter Frequency (24 dB/oct)

Filter Res - LP Filter Resonance

Transpose - transpose all samples at once (by semitones)

Volume - all samples' output volume

Sound demo:


I offer the device for FREE to use, however, if you feel like supporting my work, you can buy me a coffee, which I would highly appreciate! Many thanks in advance!

How to use:


0. Download "NoraPatches_TankDrumMachine.zip"

1. Open "NoraPatches_TankDrumMachine.alp"

2. Save to any folder you'd like -> this creates a project folder

3. Open this newly created project folder -> Open Tankdrum.als

4. On the first MIDI Track, there is an Instrument Rack, click on the save icon on the bottom left corner to save this device

Put zero at the checkout if you wish to grab it for free!
Donations are highly appreciated! <3

I want this!

A sampler instrument in Ableton Live 10, recorded from a steel tongue drum

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Tank Drum Machine Ableton Live Pack

5 ratings
I want this!